Fly Ash (Cenospheres) Microspheres Market Report

Fly Ash (Cenospheres) Microspheres Market Analysis,Market Size,Application Analysis,Regional Outlook,Competitive Strategies And Forecasts,2014到2020

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Fly ash microspheres or cenospheres are hollow spheres made from silica and alumina with air or inert gas fillings and are by-products of coal combustion in thermal power plants.粉煤灰微球或空心微珠的平均抗压强度大于3,000 psi and are available in sizes ranging from one to 500 microns.Superior properties such as insulation,waterproof,hardness and rigidity make these useful in applications including fillers in cements,metals and polymers to make composite materials,导电涂层,瓷砖,织物,涂料中的抗静电涂层和电磁屏蔽。粉煤灰是在火力发电厂燃烧煤时产生的,火力发电厂主要由陶瓷颗粒组成,如二氧化硅和氧化铝。粉煤灰的结构和成分取决于电厂所用煤的成分。

Cenospheres display characteristics such as low water absorption,resistance to acids,高颗粒强度,low thermal conductivity,超低密度使其有助于改善成品消费品的性能。由于与氨基甲酸乙酯的相容性,粉煤灰微球的初始应用包括塑料化合物的膨胀剂。phenolic resins,epoxies,polyesters,乳胶,热塑性塑料,和塑溶胶。In addition,it was also used in synthetic foams,特种水泥和建筑材料,如复合材料和涂料,fire and heat protection devices,paints,船舶主体,汽车车身,insulations,以及运动器材。由于应用领域不断扩大,加上现有和新火力发电厂的原材料供应充足,预计对空心球的需求将增加。Increase in end use market applications such as ceramics,plastic,建设,recreation,汽车,以及能源和技术,进一步推动粉煤灰微球的市场需求。Technological intensive nature of the manufacturing process is expected to result in strategic partnerships between manufactures and buyers for improved application scope.

High initial investment as a result of technology intensive processes is expected to be an entry barrier in the market.It is estimated that fly ash from thermal plants consists of around 1% of cenospheres and float in lagoons which hold discharged fly ash due to low density and hollow nature.Further,通过泡沫浮选和干燥对微珠进行分离,并进行最后的萃取过程,该过程由连接到摩擦电分离器的气力输送系统组成。然后,飞灰在Tribo分离器中被分为三个部分,其中,空心球从碳和铁中分离出来,并根据不同的最终用途进行分级。

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